Custom Homes

Dream homes don’t start with materials, machines, architects and blueprints. No, dream homes start with your dreams! Sometimes they start with years of experience of living in other people’s “dream home” and always keeping notes of improvements you would love to make. Driving by endless homes and scanning custom home building magazines.

And in the end, it’s all worth it because it’s better than you dreamed!

We are happy to work with your plans and architect or can recommend a few great architects that we work with to put your dreams on paper. We keep you up to date throughout the entire process, from your initial vision to design and build. We promise creativity, efficiency, quality and transparency; while keeping your build on time and on budget.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

At Flywheel, we’re more than just custom home builders. We listen to your dreams and help guide you through your wants vs needs to make sure your custom home project has all the most important features and stays within your budget.

Affordable Custom Homes? Don’t Break the Bank!

Our experienced custom home builders can help you build your dream home – and for less than you think!
Find out how to get started on your dream home today!

Top Reasons Our Clients Build Custom

  • Building on the perfect piece of land. Sometimes half of the “dream” is finding that one of a kind lot.
  • Sloped lot that requires a technical approach. These are great situations to build a daylight basement or garage under layout.
  • Client owns a narrow piece of land that will need a custom design to fit the lot.
  • Needs a home designed to feature a beautiful view.
  • Unique multi-generational family that has needs not found in typical home designs.
  • Some clients have very specific design ideas because they’ve built before.